Bestevaer 66 Anabel

Bestevaer 66 Anabel

Anabel was designed and built completely according to her owners' wishes: the ability to sail completely self-reliantly and independently, i.e. no quayside power connection, a large set of batteries, plenty of solar panels on deck and two large telescopic wind generators. Safety was also a very important factor and incorporated in the yacht by the option for ice reinforcements, integrated watertight bulkheads, a watertight door and the deep cockpit from which everything can be operated.

The pilot house features a big helm seat, centrally positioned, easy acces to all necesarry controll and navigation systems. The windows provide good views outside and losts of light inside.


  • DesignerDykstra Naval Architects
  • Length20,25m
  • Width5,00m
  • Depth1,60-3,25m
  • Construction year2014
  • Water displacement33,00 tons
  • Rigging Clutter
  • MaterialAluminium/Sealium

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