A new kid in town

Together with Dykstra Naval Architects we are on a journey to develop the smallest Bestevaer yet. A yacht for legendary sailor and the original designer of the Bestevaer series Gerard Dijkstra to explore the waters he never got to explore before: shallow waters. A yacht that would allow him to moor in smaller marinas. Also, with the gorgeous Wadden Sea nearby, he wanted a yacht that was able to dry out. That yacht is currently in development: the Bestevaer 36 S/Y.

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This is the Bestevaer

Bestevaer yachts combine high performance with gorgeous functional design. Able to withstand the world’s toughest conditions, it’s no wonder that the Bestevaer has become the boat of choice for explorers, scientists, and adventurers of all kinds.

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1/1 - Build your own Bestevaer

Beautiful, sturdy, and built to last. Work together with KM Yachtbuilders to think up your one-of-a-kind dream yacht based on the unique design principles of the Bestevaer. Size, interior, exterior, rigging, finishing - it is all in your hands.

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Builders of Dreams

Experience, craftsmanship and many specialized eyes for detail. KM Yachtbuilders is where passion meets purpose.

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