The Bestevaer 36 S/Y

A new kid in town

Together with Dykstra Naval Architects we are on a journey to develop the smallest Bestevaer yet. A yacht for legendary sailor and the original designer of the Bestevaer series Gerard Dijkstra to explore the waters he never got to explore before: shallow waters. A yacht that would allow him to moor in smaller marinas. Also, with the gorgeous Wadden Sea nearby, he wanted a yacht that was able to dry out. That yacht is currently in development: the Bestevaer 36 S/Y.

From shallow waters to deep oceans

The beginning of the Waddenslalom is a fact. Gerard Dykstra took the Bestevaer 36 for her first miles to a place she was designed for, the Dutch Wadden Islands. Thanks to the centerboard, the Bestevaer 36 can seamlessly navigate between deep and shallow waters. This enables the exploration of small waters and places that would otherwise be inaccessible. The retractable keel also allows the yacht to fall dry on sandbanks, providing a unique experience. It is therefore no surprise that the Bestevaer 36 feels like a fish in the water when slaloming the Wadden Islands. Although she is compact in size, the yacht is strong enough to sail to Spitsbergen, or beyond. The ability to maneuver with ease between the shallow waters of the Wadden Islands or the deep oceans in the North Sea makes the yacht ideal for sailors who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery ánd the more challenging sea.

Perfect example of a Bestevaer 36 S/Y routing, switching easily from the Dutch Wadden Sea shallows to a deep water in the North Sea, playing with the wind and tides.

When Gerard Dijkstra set out to design his own dream yacht, he had a crystal clear vision: a yacht offering excellent performance, even in the toughest of conditions. A yacht that he could comfortably sail single-handedly. A strong yacht. And: a gorgeous yacht. That yacht was the very first Bestevaer.

The BV 36 S/Y will be everything you expect from a Bestevaer: high performance, strength, and a beautiful design. We’re also on a mission to develop our most sustainable yacht yet. Come and join our expedition, let’s go places.


Three different design styles are available for the interior: classic, modern and vintage. Each composed of local, sustainable or recycled materials, such as heat-modified wood for the bucket seats, fabrics based on recycled PET or natural fiber, and pillows and mattresses based on a recycled foam rubber.

Preliminary Specifications

  • Length Over Deck10,95 m (36 ft)
  • Length on Design Waterline10,65 m
  • Beam3,80 m
  • Displ.8.8 T
  • Draught0.70 m / 2.40 m
  • MaterialAluminium
  • EngineE-drive
  • Diesel1 x 130L
  • Fresh water2 x 75L
  • Waste water1x 50L
  • RiggingSeldén standing rigging rod
  • CertificationCE-cat. A
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Let’s go places

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