Endless lifecycle support

Our commitment doesn't stop after delivery. Carefree ownership is all-important to us. Our subsidiary KM Yachtservices provides peace of mind by keeping your yacht in peak condition and supporting owners with a full range of exceptional services.

Our support team is always on stand-by.
  • Carefree ownership means we've always got your back. Call on us if you need advice or assistance, our support team is happy to accommodate you at any time of day.

  • We'll sort things out. Whatever it takes, wherever you are. Our team of flying engineers is on standby to give you the assistance you need anywhere in the world.

  • Consistent maintenance and timely repairs are key to a yacht’s lifespan. Apart from our excellent care under warranty, we offer carefree worldwide service contracts to keep your yacht in mint condition.

  • Considering a refit? A new interior, different layout arrangements, or a technology update? KM Yachtbuilders has years and years of experience in transforming yachts to the needs of its owners.

  • Let our brokerage managers be of service when you're looking to buy a pre-owned Bestevaer yacht or have plans to sell your current Bestevaer. Our brokerage team has a deep knowledge of our fleet and is happy to help establish a solid deal.

At your service. Anytime, anywhere.
That is carefree ownership to us.

Eeuwe Kooi, founder KM Yachtbuilders