The go-anywhere yacht for go-anywhere people.


Our aim to deliver the purest boating experience has culminated in the creation of a line of go-anywhere quality aluminium yacht: the Bestevaer.

Designed by world-renowned sailor and naval architect Gerard Dijkstra, the Bestevaer family combines high performance with gorgeous functionalist design. No wonder Bestevaer has become the boat of choice for sailing fanatics, explorers, scientists, and adventurers of all kinds.

Yacht through the waves

Dijkstra's dream yacht

World-renowned naval architect and polar sailor Gerard Dijkstra thinks up his dream yacht for personal use: the iconic Bestevaer II. The II brings together Dijkstra's experience and expertise in racing, polar sailing, and naval design.

Gerard Dijkstra,
Dykstra Naval Architects

After decades of sailing the world seas and designing yachts for others, I knew exactly what I wanted for my own yacht: unrestricted, short-handed sailing. A safe, comfortable, and good-looking yacht. The Bestevaer is my ideal boat.


  • Design

    Uncompromising aluminium, the pilot house, clean lines and a straight bow – the Bestevaer's distinct design is instantly recognisable and a bold statement of understated elegance.

  • Quality

    Reliability is imperative when cruising the world seas. It is why quality, craftsmanship, and a relentless eye for detail are an absolute priority in our design and building process.

  • Performance

    Pure yachting is enjoying an unrivalled connection to the water and the wind. Bestevaers are known for their excellent seafaring performance in any weather condition.

  • Comfort

    Opening yourself up to extremities and the unknown is easier when we're at ease. That's why comfort is a key element. Even the most rugged off-grid adventurer Bestevaers offer smooth sailing.

Lifetime Service

With outstanding yachts comes outstanding service. We offer a full range of services, both inhouse and on location world wide, ensuring both longevity of your Bestevaer and trouble-free ownership.

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